Multiple entry visitor visa for parents and grandparents of New Zealand citizens and residents

If you have family members in New Zealand and you wish to visit them, you may apply for a visitor’s visa under normal visitor policy to allow you to travel to New Zealand, or you may travel to New Zealand visa-free if you are a ‘visa waiver visitor’.

From 9 October 2012, the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office in Taiwan no longer receive visa applications.

All applications which were previously received by the New Zealand Commerce Industry Visa Office should be lodged in person or by mail to the New Zealand Visa Application Centre(external link) in Taipei.

However, if you are the parent or grandparent of a New Zealand citizen or resident you may like to have the flexibility of a multiple entry visa, to allow you to visit your child or grandchild several times over a three-year period. To do this, you may apply for a visitor’s visa under the parent and grandparent multiple entry visitor’s visa policy.

To be eligible for a visa under this policy, you must apply from outside New Zealand, and you will need to complete full medicals and meet normal character requirements (you may include your partner in the application but not your children). Your New Zealand sponsor* will need to complete the Sponsorship Form for Visiting New Zealand(external link) [INZ 1025] PDF and must guarantee to meet the cost of your maintenance, accommodation, repatriation (if necessary) and healthcare costs (if required).

If the application is approved you will be issued a three-year multiple entry visitor’s visa, authorising a permit for a visit of six months from your date of arrival. You will not be able to extend the permit, however you will be able to enter and leave New Zealand during the validity of your visa, as long as you do not remain in New Zealand for more that 18 months during the validity of the visa.

Further applications under this policy:

  • a further visa will not normally be issued under this policy within three years of the date that the most recent visa was issued
  • if you have previously been issued a visa under this policy and your sponsor was not in New Zealand during the period(s) of your visit(s) to New Zealand, or if you exceeded the 18-month maximum stay on your previous visa, you will not normally be eligible for a subsequent multiple entry visitor’s visa under this policy.

Please note:

  • The sponsor must be your child or grandchild aged 17 years or older, or the New Zealand parent of your child or grandchild
  • Evidence of the family relationship(s) must be provided
  • The sponsor may sponsor only one person or one family unit (principal applicant and their partner) at one time.

More information is available on the Immigration New Zealand website(external link):



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