Parents and guardians accompanying students

All New Zealand visa applications should be lodged in person or by mail to the New Zealand Visa Application Centre(external link) in Taipei, or online via Immigration New Zealand's website(external link)

If you are the legal guardian of an international student you can apply for a temporary visa or permit to live with and care for the student. The student must be:

  • a foreign fee paying student
  • enrolled in school years 1 to 13, or aged 17 years or younger.

You will have to provide evidence that you are the student’s legal guardian. A ‘legal guardian’:

  • is the person who has the legal right and responsibility to provide for the care (including education and health) of the international student
  • is the person who provides for the care of the student in their country
  • includes the student’s biological or adoptive parents, their testamentary guardian, or their court-appointed guardian.

If you need to stay for longer than 13 months because the student is continuing his or her studies, your permit can be renewed for further 12-month periods, until the student reaches the age of 18 years.

If you are issued a visa/permit you must not leave New Zealand without the student you are responsible for, and you must live with the student for the duration of their studies. If you do not meet these conditions we may revoke your permit and the student’s permit.

If you hold a visitor’s permit granted for the purpose of being a guardian to a foreign fee-paying student, you will not be eligible for a student permit or a work permit under the General or Specific purpose or Event work policies. If you want to work or study part-time you will be able to apply for variation of conditions for part-time study or for part-time work. You will only be allowed for part-time work between the hours of 9:30am and 2:30pm Monday to Friday inclusive, and you must have a job offer.

For more information on which students must be accompanied by a legal guardian, please refer to the Student Visa/Permit Guide INZ 1013 on the Immigration New Zealand website(external link).

Also, see Immigration New Zealand's website for:

Visitor's visa/permit guide INZ 1018(external link) [PDF 376KB]

Visitor's visa application form INZ 1017(external link) [PDF 324KB].


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