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Most New Zealand government services are online. NZ government website(external link) is your guide to finding and using New Zealand government services. For example if you would like to renew your New Zealand passport or driver licence, apply for citizenship, or if you have questions about immigration or tax, the website will direct you to the relevant agencies for more information.

If you are a New Zealander in distress, please phone the MFAT Consular Emergency Assistance number in New Zealand +64 99 20 20 20.

New Zealanders in Taiwan are advised to update their SafeTravel registration information or take this opportunity to register with SafeTravel: www.safetravel.govt.nz(external link)

紐西蘭政府大多數服務均已上線。紐西蘭政府網站(外部連結)(external link)是你尋找及利用紐西蘭政府服務的指南。例如,如果你想要換新你的紐西蘭護照或駕照、申請公民身分、或者你有移民或稅務方面的問題,紐西蘭政府網站均可指引你進入相關單位網站,尋求更多資訊。

如果你是紐西蘭人,在此間遭遇到困難,你可撥打我們的緊急協助專線:+64 99 20 20 20。

我們建議在臺灣的紐西蘭人更新自己在SafeTravel (安全旅行網站) 的登記資料,或趁此機會向 SafeTravel 冊: www.safetravel.govt.nz (外部連結)

紐西蘭旅遊須知 Information for travelling to New Zealand

紐西蘭政府網站 Information for New Zealand government services

文件驗證與認證 Lawyers/notary public/notarial services

NZCIO does not provide notarial services. However, certain documents may be able to be certified, witnessed, declared or sworn (as applicable) for use in New Zealand by a lawyer or notary public in Taiwan.

More information about these services can be found here

紐西蘭商工辦事處(NZCIO)不提供公證服務。然而,有些文件可能經過臺灣律師或公證人認證、見證、聲明、或宣誓(視情況而定),便可適用於紐西蘭。欲了解更多有關這些服務的資訊,請點擊這裡(external link)

紐西蘭簽證申請中心 Visa Application Centre

紐西蘭簽證申請中心網站 (中文): Visa Application Centre(external link)

To contact the Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Taipei for questions about applying for visas to New Zealand, please email: info.nztw@vfshelpline.com or call +886 2 7752 4745

欲聯絡臺北紐西蘭簽證申請中心(VAC)查詢申請赴紐西蘭簽證相關問題,請以電郵 (info.nztw@vfshelpline.com) 聯絡或撥打+886 2 7752 4745 詢問。


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