Getting married in Taiwan


If you are considering getting married in Taiwan, contact the local authorities in the town where you plan to marry, and check the marriage laws and requirements.

A Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage issued by the New Zealand Department of Internal affairs will normally be required by the local authorities.

See the Births, Deaths and Marriages(external link) section of the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs website for information about getting married overseas(external link) and full details of how to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage.

Allow plenty of time when planning your marriage. As a general rule, you should allow four weeks to receive your Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage(external link).

Registering Your Marriage

Your marriage should be registered in the country where it took place. There is no legal obligation for you to have your overseas marriage also registered in New Zealand. Generally a marriage solemnised abroad in a non-polygamous country in accordance with the laws of that country will be deemed valid in New Zealand. Such marriages are recognised in New Zealand for the purposes of residence visa or citizenship applications.

Witnessing Marriage

Officers at the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office are unable to witness marriages.

Copies of Marriage Certificates

Details of how to obtain copies of New Zealand marriage certificates are available from the from the Births, Deaths and Marriages section of the DIA website(external link).



地方主管機關通常會要求你提供由紐西蘭內政部簽發的“無結婚障礙證明書”(Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage)。

欲了解更多有關在海外結婚(外部連結)(external link)和申請“無結婚障礙證明書”的全部細節,請登入紐西蘭內政部網站出生、死亡、和婚姻(外部連結)(external link)部分。

你計劃在海外結婚時,應預留充分的時間。一般而言,你應預留4週時間申請無結婚障礙證明書(外部連結)(external link)






申請紐西蘭結婚證書副本的細節,提供於內政部網站出生、死亡、與結婚分頁(外部連結)(external link)


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