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The links provided on this page reflect the types of enquiries we often get, which range from the general to the very specific.


New Zealand government and statistics 


A New Zealand fern - the Koru.
A New Zealand fern - the Koru

www.newzealand.govt.nz(external link) is the New Zealand government website providing a gateway to information, images and resources from all New Zealand government agencies and government funded sites.

New Zealand in Profile(external link) is an annual statistical overview of New Zealand’s government, economy and people produced by Statistics New Zealand.

www.newzealand.govt.nz(external link)是紐西蘭政府的網站,提供一個查詢所有紐西蘭政府機關和政府資助網站之資訊、影像、及資源的閘道。

紐西蘭概況(New Zealand in Profile(external link))是紐西蘭統計局所製作關於紐西蘭政府、經濟和人民的年度統計概覽。

Culture and Heritage 文化與遺產

Kowhai - New Zealand's national flower.
Kowhai - New Zealand's national flower

New Zealand’s Ministry for Culture and Heritage maintains a series of websites, each focusing on a particular aspect of New Zealand’s culture and heritage.

New Zealand Culture Online(external link)connects you to New Zealand’s cultural events, organisations and funding Online.

New Zealand History Online(external link)

Te Ara: New Zealand’s online national encyclopedia(external link), is a comprehensive guide to New Zealand – its people, land, culture, history and identity.

Official website for Anzac and Gallipoli(external link) Link to related information.

NZ On Screen(external link), is the online showcase of New Zealand television, film and music video.


紐西蘭文化在線(New Zealand Culture Online(external link))在線上將你與紐西蘭的文化活動、組織、及經費聯繫起來。

紐西蘭歷史在線(New Zealand History Online(external link))

Te Ara:紐西蘭的線上國家百科全書(external link)是介紹紐西蘭的綜合指南 – 紐西蘭人民、土地、文化、歷史、和認同。

澳紐軍團與加里波利官方網站(external link)是查詢相關資訊的連結。

紐西蘭屏幕(external link)(NZ On Screen(external link))是紐西蘭電視、電影、及音樂影片的線上櫥窗。

Māori/Indigenous Issues 毛利/原住民族議題


Te Puni Kokiri (external link)(external link) (Ministry of Māori Development) is the Crown’s principal adviser on Crown-Māori relationships.

Māori Arts New Zealand (external link)(external link) is a charitable trust that represents 10 national art form committees covering the visual, performing and literary arts.

Maori Television (external link)(external link) is New Zealand’s national indigenous broadcaster.

Te Puni Kokiri(external link) (毛利發展部)是王室的皇家-毛利關係主要諮詢機構。

紐西蘭毛利藝術(Māori Arts New Zealand)(external link) 是一個公益信託,代表十個國家藝術形式委員會,範圍涵蓋視覺、表演、和文學藝術。

毛利電視台 (Whakaata Māori)(external link) 是紐西蘭的國營原住民電視台。


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