Earthquakes and typhoons

Earthquakes and typhoons

Earthquakes and typhoons are frequent occurrences in Taiwan. We advise all New Zealanders to take appropriate precautions.

As Taiwan is located on a major fault line, earthquakes are fairly common. As earthquakes have the potential to cause major disruptions in Taiwan, it is important to be prepared. We encourage all New Zealanders in Taiwan to have an adequate supply of bottled water, batteries and canned food. Torches and a first aid kit are also important. Information on the severity of an earthquake will be broadcast on ICRT (100.7 FM) and will also be available from the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau(external link).

Taiwan’s typhoon season usually runs from April to November.

If there is a disaster in Taiwan, the NZCIO will try to make contact with all New Zealanders in the vicinity of the event, who registered with the office to ascertain their safety. We therefore encourage all New Zealanders in Taiwan to register with us(external link) using the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Safe Travel registration facility.


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