Teaching English in Taiwan

This unofficial guide has been prepared by the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office to give New Zealanders basic information on the business of teaching English in Taiwan so they can be better informed before committing themselves to a particular job.

Teaching English in Taiwan can be a rewarding experience. However, some New Zealand citizens have unfortunately come to Taiwan under contract with promises of generous salaries, bonuses and other amenities only to find themselves in tenuous situations, often lacking funds to return home.

The New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office is not permitted to enter any case; conduct an investigation; nor act as a lawyer in legal or contractual mishaps experienced by New Zealand citizens. We can neither investigate nor certify employers. It is up to each individual to evaluate a potential employer before signing a contract.

The New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office does not maintain a list of teaching institutes. Prospective teachers are urged to deal directly with the school and current or former teachers of the institute.

The New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office can advise you where to go for assistance, and provide phone numbers for relevant Taiwan government agencies. We can also provide you with a list of lawyers, but we are unable to recommend a specific lawyer from this list.


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