Air Freight between Auckland and Taipei continues

07 May 2020

China Airlines’ bid has been accepted for air freight between Auckland and Taipei under New Zealand’s International Air Freight Capacity (IAFC) scheme. 

The IAFC scheme ensures that airfreight trade flows can continue between New Zealand and the rest of the world during the COVID-19 global pandemic. It seeks to ensure that critical imports e.g. of essential medical supplies and equipment can be imported and that trade in time-sensitive food can continue.

There will be two flights a week operating Auckland-Taipei-Auckland. Flights departing Auckland will leave on Tuesday and Thursday at 20h00. If your business is interested in using one of these flights, contact your preferred freight forwarder.

Under the 2013 Agreement between New Zealand and the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu on Economic Cooperation (ANZTEC), Taiwan and New Zealand have seen an upsurge in trade. In the latest statistics from March, New Zealand is Taiwan’s 7th largest merchandise export market and bilateral trade has reached over two billion NZ dollars a year. In 2019, New Zealand was Taiwan’s fourth largest market for agricultural imports.

“This is a great example of New Zealand’s commitment to keeping supply chains open. We continue to see high demand in New Zealand and Taiwan for the goods we trade with each other – whether it’s Taiwan’s essential electrical components or New Zealand’s fresh seafood – so the IAFC decision is very welcome,” NZCIO Director Turley said.

NZ Trade Development Centre Director, Adrian Collier, highlighted, “International trade is an important part of New Zealand’s COVID-19 recovery journey and trade with Taiwan will play an important role – New Zealand exporters remain committed to getting goods and services to Taiwan and I’m sure Taiwanese exporters are equally keen to support their customers in New Zealand. The IAFC scheme will help to keep bilateral trade functioning.”

“The IAFC scheme will help ensure that after the initial collapse of airfreight options our logistics links remain open and that we continue to keep connected and make sure business continues in a safe and mutually beneficial way,” the NZTDC Director added.  

For more information, including on other airfreight routes included in the scheme, refer to link)


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