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What the NZCIO does

The New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office (NZCIO) in Taipei is responsible for the development of New Zealand’s trade, economic and cultural interests with Taiwan.

In the absence of diplomatic relations, the NZCIO is established as a subsidiary of the Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce. 

The NZCIO is headed by the Director and comprises two units:

  • The Economic and General Affairs Unit, which is responsible for ANZTEC implementation, trade and economic policy, cultural and indigenous connections, and consular services;
  • The New Zealand Trade Development Centre, which assists New Zealand companies doing business in Taiwan.

Read about the Economic Cooperation Agreement signed between New Zealand and the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu (Chinese Taipei)(external link).

See the contact us page for further details.


紐西蘭商工辦事處 (NZCIO) 是做什麼的?

設在臺北的紐西蘭商工辦事處 (NZCIO) 負責發展紐西蘭在臺灣的貿易、經濟、及文化利益。

在沒有外交關係的情況下,成立後的 NZCIO 屬於威靈頓僱主商會 (WECC) 的一個附屬機構。


  • 經濟及一般事務處 (Economic and General Affairs Unit) – 負責臺紐經濟合作協定 (ANZTEC) 執行、貿易及經濟政策、 文化及原住民族關係、和領務服務。
  • 紐西蘭貿易發展中心 (New Zealand Trade Development Centre) – 協助紐西蘭企業在臺灣做生意。

參閱紐西蘭與臺澎金馬個別關稅領域(中華臺北)經濟合作協定(external link)(外部連結)

詳情請見聯絡我們(external link)網頁



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