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Our relationship with Taiwan

While we do not maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, we do have a vibrant trading, economic and cultural relationship. We’re both members of APEC, the World Trade Organisation (WTO), a number of fisheries conventions and the Asian Development Bank. Taiwan is an important source of imports, tourism and investment, and an important export market for New Zealand.

As well as trade, we enjoy extensive people-to-people links. There are employment opportunities for New Zealanders in Taiwan, particularly in teaching, and the number of art and cultural exchanges is growing. Many Taiwanese have migrated to New Zealand since the 1990s, and we have a particularly strong Taiwanese population in Auckland. Tourism, education and business links have strengthened since a three-month visa waiver was introduced in November 2009.


Taiwan is our 7th-largest goods export market and 14th-largest source of imports. Our dairy, meat, fruit, seafood and forest products are very popular with the Taiwanese and we’re their largest supplier of dairy products as well as cherries.

New Zealand has an agreement on Economic Cooperation with the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu which was signed in 2013. Tariffs are being rapidly eliminated, opening up significant trading opportunities.

Find out more information about New Zealand's agreement on Economic Cooperation.

Economic 2017 (March)

Population  23.5 million 
GDP  US$538 billion 
Real GDP growth 1.8%
GDP per head (US$ at PPP) US$49.982
Goods exports US$314 billion
Goods imports US$252 billion
Current account balance US$62 billion
Inflation 1.4%
Government debt (%GDP) 31.6%
Unemployment rate 3.9%

Goods trade September 2017 (NZD)

Two-way trade 

$1.85 billiion (+2%)

New Zealand's 11th largest goods trading partner 

Exports to Taiwan

$1.08 billion (-2%)

Top exports: dairy ($240m, +43%), meat ($153m, -7.4%), fruit ($144m, +11%), wood ($57m, +0.1%)

Imports from Taiwan

$776 million (+8%)

Top imports: bicycles ($49m, +33%), stainless steel ($45m, +62%), computers ($36m, +6.2%), iron or steel nuts and bolts ($31m, -3%), phones ($26m, +55.5%)

Services trade August 2016

Services trade 

New Zealand exports: $159 million

Services imports: $48 million 

Taiwan visitor arrivals  34,112 (+15%) of which 24,400 were holiday visitor arrivals 
New Zealand visitor departures 11,180 (+4.5%) departures to Taiwan
Taiwanese international students in New Zealand 1,230 (Dec 2015)

Working Holiday Schemes

New Zealanders aged between 18 and 30 can apply for a 12-month working holiday visa for Taiwan.

To apply, you can go to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in either Auckland or Wellington.

For more information, read the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office website(external link).

Taiwanese aged betwenn 18-30 years can apply for a 12 month working holiday visa for New Zealand. There are 600 places available each year.

For more information please visit New Zealand Immigration(external link).



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