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Customs requirements 海關規定

Biosecurity at the border 邊境生物安檢

Biosecurity protecting our environment

The Ministry for Primary Industries(external link) is charged with leadership of the New Zealand biosecurity system. It encompasses facilitating international trade, protecting the health of New Zealanders and ensuring the welfare of our environment, flora and fauna, marine life and Maori resources.

The Personal Travellers section(external link) of the Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand website includes information on:


初級產業部(外部連結)(external link)負責領導紐西蘭生物安檢系統,其職責包括促進國際貿易、保護紐西蘭人民健康、和確保我們的環境、動植物、海洋生物、及毛利資源的福祉。

紐西蘭初級產業部網站個人旅行者分頁(外部連結)(external link)提供以下資訊:

Importation of Prescription medication 進口處方藥

Information regarding the importation of medicines can be obtained from the New Zealand's medicines and medical devices safety authority (external link)(external link) (Medsafe) website.

有關進口處方藥的資訊,提供於紐西蘭藥品與醫療器材安全局(外部連結)(external link)(Medsafe)網站。


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